Eagle Rock Regulators
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Eagle Rock Regulators

The Eagle Rock Regulators are the cowboy group of South East Idaho Practical Shooters, Inc.

Affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society, our mission is to promote Cowboy Action Shooting and Wild Bunch Action Shooting.

In doing so, we are preserving the history of the old west as well as competitively shooting in a safe, fun and family friendly environment.

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From the Sheriff:

View stage directions for our next match and see if a little pre-planning can help your scores.

Next Month's Stages:

Read what the Sheriff has to say about how the monthly matches progressed, what’s happening with the Eagle Rock Regulators, and/or what he’s got planned for the near future.

Latest Reflections of the Sheriff:
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Latest Cowboy Match Scores:
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Mid-Month Exercises

On the 3rd Thursday of our "summer season" (April through September) at 2 pm and 6 pm there will be an impromptu gathering of cowboys at the range.

Take the opportunity to commiserate with your friends or make some new ones. Practice some stages or just an individual gun, your choice.

New and prospective shooters are encouraged to attend.

Contact the match director if you're feeling lonely or have the need to practice in the winter season. Something can likely be arranged.

Wanted by the Law!

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